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Dr. Dheodhar: The Trusted Source of Information in GoPreg App

At GoPreg, we prioritize the accuracy and reliability of the health information we provide. Our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of medical guidance led us to collaborate with Dr. Dheodhar, a renowned expert in Garbhasanskar & Garbhavigyan.

Dr. Dheodhar’s extensive experience spans over a decade, dedicated to researching and refining the information presented within the GoPreg app. As the primary source of our health-related data, Dr. Dheodhar’s expertise and insights have been instrumental in curating the comprehensive content you rely on for your health queries.

Dr. Deodhar Ayurvedic Clinics stand as more than just a fertility clinic; they epitomize the essence of Garbhsanskar and Garbhvigyan, serving as an institute devoted to imparting ancient Ayurvedic teachings on pregnancy. Since 1974, these clinics have been a beacon of Ayurveda, Posterity, and Health. The doctors behind this institution have meticulously researched and written about Garbha Samvad and Ayurvedic pregnancy for decades. Their commitment and dedication have culminated in a wealth of firsthand knowledge and insights, blending the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda with modern medical science and advanced technology.

It’s important to note that these doctors are the primary sources of all the information available in the GoPreg app, sharing their expertise and wisdom for the benefit of expecting parents seeking holistic guidance.

You can learn more about their work and expertise on their website:  Dr. Deodhar Ayurvedic Clinics

Dr Sanjeevan Deodhar
Dr Vaidehi Deodhar

Credentials and Certifications

We believe in transparency. To further reinforce the credibility of the information provided, we’ve included certifications, accolades, and professional achievements of Dr. Dheodhar. These credentials underscore the depth of knowledge and authority behind the data integrated into the GoPreg app.

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