Your Trusted Companion for Pregnancy, Garbhsanskar, and Family Values Serving over 10000+ families, earning the trust of 4000+ new couples, and assisting more than 200+ expecting mothers per month, GoPreg is your go-to Pregnancy and parenting App, deeply rooted in the essence of Garbhsanskar and family values.

"GoPreg, where ancient Garbhsanskar meets modern marvels, is your trusted companion for nurturing parenthood with wisdom, wellness, and warmth. We empower families on their unique journey, celebrating cherished values and creating a harmonious environment for joyful and healthy beginnings."

Our Vision

At GoPreg, our vision is to empower every expectant parent on their unique journey from conception to parenthood. We are committed to reviving the age-old wisdom of Garbhsanskar and merging it with modern medical insights to nurture both the physical and emotional well-being of mothers and fathers. We aim to create a holistic and harmonious environment that fosters strong family values and lays the foundation for a joyful and healthy upbringing for every newborn.

We aspire to be the trusted companion for every family, offering comprehensive guidance, innovative tools, and a supportive community. Our vision encompasses the belief that when parents are well-informed, supported, and inspired, they can unlock the full potential of their pregnancy and parenting journey, creating a lifetime of cherished memories.

GoPreg’s vision extends beyond an app; it’s a movement to unite families in the pursuit of wellness, wisdom, and warm-hearted parenting. We aim to bring families closer, build a network of empowered parents, and contribute to a world where every child begins their life in an environment filled with love, knowledge, and values. Together, we envision a future where parenthood is celebrated and cherished, one baby at a time.

Holistic Health

Resources on holistic health practices such as yoga sessions, meditation, nutrition, wellness, and lifestyle for both expecting mothers and new parents.

Garbhsanskar Content

A wealth of content on Garbhsanskar, promotes holistic development during pregnancy, including practices related to positive thinking, music, reading, and yoga.

Parenting Resources

Guidance on newborn care, breastfeeding, baby development milestones, and parenting tips.

Our Legacy

For three generations, GoPreg has carried forward the cherished legacy of Dr. Deodhar and their commitment to the profound practice of Garbhsanskar. Our roots are firmly grounded in the timeless wisdom of nurturing both body and soul during pregnancy, blending it seamlessly with contemporary medical insights.

Our Reach

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Dr Vaidehi Deodhar

Dr. Vaidehi Deodhar, founder of Knowveda Lifetech, leads with passion. She’s a director at Vatsal Ayurvedic Products, clinics, and active in prestigious Ayurvedic organizations, with 5 authored books.

Dr Sanjeevan Deodhar

Dr. Sanjeevan Deodhar, Director & Co-founder of Knowveda Lifetech, brings expertise as a director at Vatsal Ayurvedic Products and clinics. He’s active in academia, co-authoring 4 books, and chairs ISKCON Nashik.

Rohit Verma

Rohit Verma, Director & Co-founder of Knowveda Lifetech, brings a diverse skill set. He’s Director at WOWIT Technologies, Founder & CEO of Byloapp, and has a background in business development, software consulting, and digital marketing.


Rounak Gupta

Product Manager

Rohit Sharma

Head Finance

Apoorva Singh

Marketing Manager

Kishan Soni

Google Expert

Aayush Pawar

Ads Specialist

Paras Tharani

Social Media Specialist

Pavni Garg

Content Specialist

Dr. Sanuja Oke

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