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Intuitive platform designed to provide a comprehensive guidance and support to expecting mothers, as well as those who have recently given birth.



Invaluable guidance and support throughout pregnancy and beyond. From prenatal care tips to soothing melodies for the baby, this app nurtures both parent and child with care. A must-have for every parent-to-be!

Muskan Joshi Homemaker, Mumbai

GoPreg has truly become my pregnancy best friend! I feel supported and informed every step of the way. The personalized features make it stand out from the rest. A must-have for all expectant mothers!

Manpreet Kaur HR, Delhi

Garbhsanskar is a godsend for expecting parents, offering invaluable guidance and support throughout pregnancy and beyond. From prenatal care tips to soothing melodies for the baby, this app nurtures both parent and child with care. A must-have for every parent-to-be!

Lovely Sharma General Manager, Nasik

From nurturing the baby's development with soothing music to providing expert advice on prenatal care, this app is a must-have for any mom-to-be seeking holistic support for herself and her growing baby.

Drishti Singh Accounts Executive, Nagpur

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Bridging the Gap Between Age-Old Wisdom and Modern Support on Your Pregnancy Journey

GoPreg is your mobile companion, thoughtfully crafted to offer thorough guidance and unwavering support to expectant mothers, prospective parents, and those who have recently welcomed their newborn.


Unveiling the Heart of GoPreg

Discovering the Fusion of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Explore how GoPreg harmoniously blends the age-old wisdom of Garbha Sanskar with cutting-edge medical knowledge. Dive into our mission, where we aim to empower parents with a holistic approach, nurturing both the physical and spiritual aspects of their journey.

Yoga & Exercises

Prenatal yoga supports expectant moms physically and emotionally during pregnancy.

Nutrition and Diet

Energize Your Pregnancy Journey with Tailored Yoga and Exercise Regimens.


Connect with Your Baby’s Spirit through the Ancient Art of Garbhsamvad.

Ayuvedic Mart

Discover the Healing Treasures of Ayurveda at Our Mart for a Holistic Pregnancy Experience.

What You'll Find in Our Garbh Sanskar App

Nourish Your Pregnancy

Optimize your nutrition for a vibrant pregnancy. Our diet chart offers essential guidance and personalized nutritional support to enhance your baby’s development and nurture your well-being. Eat right, nurture life.

Harmonious Living

Dive into a world of tranquil activities and practices designed to promote harmony during your pregnancy journey. Embrace relaxation and wellness with Vihar.

Cultural Connect

Explore the rich tapestry of traditions and cultural practices that surround the journey of pregnancy. Achar celebrates the cultural heritage intertwined with this precious phase of life.

Mindful Reflection

Delve into the power of mindful thinking and reflection. Vichar provides a sanctuary for nurturing positive thoughts and emotional well-being during your pregnancy.


Unveiling the Essence

Learn how GoPreg brings together the ancient art of Garbha Sanskar and the latest medical insights. Understand our mission to empower parents with a comprehensive approach, nurturing both body and soul.

Approved by Super Moms

Payel Tripathi Software Developer, Delhi

This pregnancy app is a true gem! Informative updates, helpful tips, and seamless tracking made my journey joyful and worry-free.

Vikram Singh Com. Indian Navy

"Being away from home during my wife's pregnancy was challenging, but GoPreg bridged the gap beautifully. The app's daily messages and baby growth tracker kept me connected to the journey, while Dr. Vaidehi's webinars provided invaluable insights. Thanks to GoPreg, we felt empowered and supported every step of the way. Jai Hind"

Priya Joseph Teacher at Play School

"My pregnancy journey with GoPreg was nothing short of amazing! From personalized diet plans to soothing yoga sessions, every feature of the app guided me with expert precision. Dr. Vaidehi's knowledge and the supportive team made me feel empowered and confident throughout. Thank you, GoPreg, for being my trusted companion!"

Mahesh Sanghvi Software engineer

"As a first-time father, I was overwhelmed with questions and uncertainties. GoPreg came to our rescue, providing invaluable insights and support every step of the way. From tracking my wife's pregnancy milestones to attending live sessions by Dr. Vaidehi, GoPreg made the journey smoother and more enjoyable. Highly recommended!"

Maya Sharma HR Professional

"GoPreg is a game-changer! The app's innovative features and user-friendly interface make it a must-have for every parent-to-be. With its focus on Aahar, Vihar, Achar, and Vichar, GoPreg ensures a holistic approach to pregnancy and parenting. I'm grateful for the invaluable support and guidance it provided throughout my sister's pregnancy journey."

Manpreet Singh Business Owner

"I can't thank GoPreg enough for its incredible support during my wife's pregnancy. The app's emphasis on Aahar, Vihar, Achar, and Vichar truly sets it apart. From yoga practices to expert advice, GoPreg covers all aspects of pregnancy and parenting with finesse. Dr. Vaidehi and her team's dedication shines through in every feature!"

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