Account Deletion Clause:

Users may submit an account deletion request by providing their registered email ID. The processing of this request will take 24 hours hours. During this period, the user’s account will be deactivated, and all associated data will be scheduled for deletion. Please note that certain information may be retained as required by applicable laws or for legitimate business purposes. Upon completion of the deletion process, the user will receive confirmation via email.

  • Subscription Status
    Users with an active subscription are advised to contact development@gopreg.com  for subscription-related requests, including cancellations and refunds, before initiating the account deletion process to avoid any unintended charges.
  • Pending Order Processing
    Users with ongoing order processes are encouraged to contact development@gopreg.com to address order-related concerns before requesting account deletion, as incomplete orders may be affected.
  • Legal Cases and Disputes
    Users involved in any legal matters or disputes with GoPreg are urged to contact development@gopreg.com  to address those concerns separately, as the account deletion process does not impact ongoing legal proceedings.
  • Temporary vs Permanent Deletion
    Users can specify whether they seek temporary deactivation or permanent deletion of their account. For such requests, users are required to contact development@gopreg.com. Temporary deactivation allows for reactivation at a later time, while permanent deletion is irreversible.
  • Data Retrieval
    Users are informed that once the account deletion process is initiated, their data will be scheduled for deletion. It is clarified that data retrieval will not be possible after completion of the deletion process.

Users can raise requests for refund, subscription cancellations, or seek further clarification by contacting  development@gopreg.com The support team will assist in navigating these specific scenarios during the account deletion process.